Music therapy and classical medicine

Of course, music therapy, as well as art therapy, does not completely replace classical medicine, but it is quite capable of promoting it on a psychoemotional level and reducing the number of necessary medications, including painkillers.

There are different hypotheses and some experts note that music therapy can be useful in the treatment of allergies, psychosomatic disorders, pressure disorders, coronary heart disease, problems with the stomach, respiratory and genitourinary systems. And most importantly, it’s the same way when the hurt is simply impossible thing to choose the direction of the music – and here we have to rely on their own experiences and the history of mankind, because not all music is equally useful.

The possibilities of music therapy are wider than it seems. Experts have been working on the study of how music affects people since ancient times. The first who actively used music therapy was Pythagoras, the greatest sage of Ancient Greece.

At different times, doctors used music treatment, including singing. And in the XX century, whole schools dedicated to music therapy were opened in Europe.

Today, “Classical music therapy” is an unusual concert of classical music in Minsk, and specially selected programs and a combination of different musical instruments.

Can treatment be more enjoyable than music treatment? Unless massage is able to compare with these feelings, but the soul is the most subtle connoisseur of this world, so let’s trust your health to it!

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