Not all music is equally useful

Did you know that Mozart’s works are excellent helpers of a person’s mental activity, and Tchaikovsky’s music is always ready to help a healthy sleep?

Classical music or modern music?

Many times scientists have proved that works of classical music can work wonders. Yes, it is not only pleasant to listen to, but also incredibly useful for your health. Doctors even give specific prescriptions for certain problems. For example, there are theories that: for respiratory diseases and hypertension, the music of Mozart and Bach is useful; for migraines, Oginsky’s Polonaise and fenenz Liszt’s “Hungarian Rhapsody”; if you want to improve your memory, Vivaldi’s” Seasons ” will help you; for stress, you should include Schubert or Schumann.

But rap, heavy metal or hard rock experts do not recommend listening for a long time. Such claims have scientific evidence from Melbourne scientists. They write that hard rock increases aggression, heavy metal can cause mental disorders, and rap works as a manifestation of negative emotions, as well as pop. But reggae, jazz or Blues will bring you out of the depression. If you are stressed, light rock will do the listening, but heavy rock will make the situation worse. And only classical music for the soul can not only bring benefits, but also be a medicine for the soul and body! If you have any doubts, check the above for yourself.

Pregnant women should pay special attention to music therapy, because even in the womb the baby perceives sounds very sensitively, moreover, it can affect its development. To listen, you should choose the music that is pleasant to your mother.

Now it is fashionable to be healthy not only physically, but also emotionally, beautiful classical music is one of the simplest and most accessible tools for this!

Классическая музыка онлайн

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