Classical music therapy

The cost of participation is 25 BYN.

Group program
45 minutes
The art space "the World of classical music"
Str. Cyril and Methodius 8, 2nd floor, Minsk
Under request

A unique format of the program that combines the harmonies of classical music and sound effects; meetings-acquaintance with the beautiful and relaxation in the atmosphere of art!

At our meetings, we will get acquainted with the direction of music therapy:

  • theoretically-learn interesting facts about the impact of music on a person,
  • and practically-we will reboot and recharge with positive emotions, plunging into the velvety enveloping sounds of classical music.

Programs are held in a small chamber hall with darkened lighting, by candlelight, which creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth.

Different programs use different acoustic musical instruments – Grand piano, harp, flute, guitar. Please check your schedule.

It is possible to conduct a “custom-made” program for organizations and tourist groups, including in foreign languages (English, German, Spanish).

You can sign up for a one-time visit to the program or purchase a subscription.


The cost is 45 BYN

Individual program
45 минут

Relaxation program, using the Celtic harp. Complete relaxation and reboot.

Aromatherapy is an ancient method of harmonizing the physical, emotional and mental state of a person due to the effect on the body of vibrations of harp strings. At the end of the XX century, scientists turned their attention to this method as a new way of treating a person, thereby giving rise to the direction of vibroacoustic therapy.

Harp therapy dates back to the time of the ancient Greeks, who successfully used this type of music therapy in maintaining both psychological and physical health of a person.In the healing temples of Asclepion, the patients lay on soft skins and absorbed the vibrations of this magical musical instrument.

There is also a well-known biblical story about a young shepherd and musician, David, who managed to heal king Saul from a mysterious nervous illness by playing the harp. It is no coincidence that the folk myths and legends were endowed with miraculous powers harp.

The harp therapy session is a sound massage. With a wide range of sound and a soft, extremely pleasant timbre, the harp is able to resonate throughout the human body. The vibrations of the strings, forming simple and natural melodic forms, permeate tissues and cells, providing positive sensory stimulation to the human body and immersing it in a special relaxed alpha state. An additional favorable factor is that the tool consists of natural materials.

Arteterapia has no contraindications and is suitable for adults and children. The sound of the instrument and the music program are selected individually, based on your current state, requests and wishes. The session is possible both in direct physical contact with the instrument (leaning back against the column or resonator deck of the harp), and on a massage chair.

Sound vibration massage

The cost is 45 BYN

Individual program
45 minutes

Today, singing bowls are recognized as an effective tool for music therapy, and are used even in medical institutions, rehabilitation centers, and sanatoriums.
The principle of operation of singing bowls is based on vibrations that can change the structure of the liquid, and the human body is almost 80% water.
Rich in overtones, pure sounds of forged Tibetan bowls spread throughout the body: they dissolve blocks, enter into resonance with the body at the cellular level, resist the influence of artificial radiation and low-frequency vibrations of products of modern civilization (electrical appliances, mobile phones, urban noise), harmonize the human condition and return it to its original frequencies of sound.

Sound vibration massage with singing bowls:

  • relieves tension and fatigue, plunges into a state of deep mental and physical relaxation
  • normalizes blood pressure, stabilizes heart and respiratory rhythm, improves lymph flow and blood circulation
  • relieves insomnia and improves sleep quality
  • triggers mechanisms of self-healing and cell renewal in the body, has a beneficial effect on the immune system
  • synchronizes the work of the right and left hemispheres, improves the ability to concentrate
  • fills with vital energy, gives a state of harmony and love in the soul, awakens interest in life and contributes to the disclosure of creative potential.

The session is performed in a lying position on a Mat or in a massage chair. At the same time, the work of singing bowls is complemented by the pleasant sound of other sound therapy instruments: bells, chakrophones, tingshas, stream noise, and others that enhance the therapeutic effect.

It is also possible to massage with special sound therapy tuning forks, chakrophones, etc. (in addition to the bowls, or as a massage), according to the agreement on the spot.

After a massage session, you will feel refreshed and refreshed!

Psychological consultation and hardware diagnostics

Individual program
60 minutes

Development of an individual therapy program for solving your life problems. Potential disclosure, internal growth and self-development. Hardware diagnostics of your emotional and energy state and recommendations.

Noise improvisation “Music of nature”

45 минут
Арт-пространство «Мир классической музыки»
г. Минск, ул. Кирилла и Мефодия 8, 2й этаж

Noise improvisation “Music of nature” is an introduction to the instruments of music therapy: rain noise, stream noise, ocean noise, African rattle, tingshi, Koshi bells, singing bowls, Kalimba and others.
Collective playing on intuitive instruments will give an impulse to your abilities, and incredibly pleasant and harmonious sounds will relieve tension, fatigue and give participants positive emotions.

The program is perfect for both adults and children.
Held under an individual order for a family or group of friends.

Children’s program: 4-8 people
Adult: 4-12 people
Various options are available.