Sound vibration massage

The cost is 45 BYN

Individual program
45 minutes

Today, singing bowls are recognized as an effective tool for music therapy, and are used even in medical institutions, rehabilitation centers, and sanatoriums.
The principle of operation of singing bowls is based on vibrations that can change the structure of the liquid, and the human body is almost 80% water.
Rich in overtones, pure sounds of forged Tibetan bowls spread throughout the body: they dissolve blocks, enter into resonance with the body at the cellular level, resist the influence of artificial radiation and low-frequency vibrations of products of modern civilization (electrical appliances, mobile phones, urban noise), harmonize the human condition and return it to its original frequencies of sound.

Sound vibration massage with singing bowls:

  • relieves tension and fatigue, plunges into a state of deep mental and physical relaxation
  • normalizes blood pressure, stabilizes heart and respiratory rhythm, improves lymph flow and blood circulation
  • relieves insomnia and improves sleep quality
  • triggers mechanisms of self-healing and cell renewal in the body, has a beneficial effect on the immune system
  • synchronizes the work of the right and left hemispheres, improves the ability to concentrate
  • fills with vital energy, gives a state of harmony and love in the soul, awakens interest in life and contributes to the disclosure of creative potential.

The session is performed in a lying position on a Mat or in a massage chair. At the same time, the work of singing bowls is complemented by the pleasant sound of other sound therapy instruments: bells, chakrophones, tingshas, stream noise, and others that enhance the therapeutic effect.

It is also possible to massage with special sound therapy tuning forks, chakrophones, etc. (in addition to the bowls, or as a massage), according to the agreement on the spot.

After a massage session, you will feel refreshed and refreshed!