Each of us strives for harmony in life, happiness and well-being.

Music therapy is one of the most accessible and effective ways to achieve this.

You can choose for yourself group or individual programs, get acquainted with sound therapy tools and choose the method that will best contribute to the disclosure of your abilities, achieve happiness in life, harmony of soul and body!..

Programs conduct:

Programs are conducted by professional musicians, soloists of leading theaters and concert halls in Belarus, and certified sound therapists.

With the participation of doctors, psychologists and scientists for scientific research of influence of classical music in relation to strengthening immunity and protection against viruses, personal growth and development.

Artem Shaplyko – pianist, soloist of the Belgorod Philharmonic, founder of a private music school http://www.artgrand.by.

Alexandra Loseva is a harpist at the Bolshoi theatre of Belarus.

Alexey Ladik – is a flautist of the Musical theater of Belarus.

Daryan Shahab -professional guitarist, soloist, winner of international competitions.

Kaleria Chubat -musicologist, master of art history, sound therapist