Grand Piano

A Grand piano is a type of piano, the “king” of musical instruments, on which a wide range of musical compositions are performed. Piano-string-percussion-keyboard instrument, which was invented in the early XVIII century by the Italian master Bartolomeo Cristofori. Its sound does not leave indifferent more than one music lover.

Celtic Harp

The Celtic harp is one of the most ancient instruments and a symbol depicted on the coat of arms of Ireland. Have you ever been to a forest fairy tale? The sound of this instrument will definitely take you there!
There is a special interest in this musical instrument for a reason, the harp is magic! There is even a whole direction — “harp therapy”.


The flute is a wind musical instrument, the sounds of which are close to the human voice. The fact that the flute is also one of the oldest musical instruments is confirmed by archaeological findings dating back to the 35th century BC. The first ancestor of a flute is considered to be a whistle, and according to Greek mythology, the inventor of a flute was the son of Hephaestus, Ardal.

Classical Guitar

Classical guitar is the oldest type of acoustic guitar, it has a warm, soft and velvety sound. Initially, only classical works were performed on this musical instrument. Today, the guitar is a fairly common instrument that many people have. However, to achieve a therapeutic effect with it, you need to have sufficient professionalism.

Cauchy Bells

Cauchy bells are a musical instrument, the delicate sound of which is born from a lens touching a silver metal rod and amplified by a resonator made of natural bamboo. Four varieties of bells, carefully made and tuned by hand, correspond in sound to the elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. They create subtle and magical melodies rich in pure overtones.


Chakrapani – an unusual musical instrument, which is used as a therapeutic one. It is a solid metal plate, precisely tuned to the frequency of any celestial body in our solar system. The purest sound, working through the transmission of information to the chakras, restores the work of human energy centers, cleanses and harmonizes the space.

Singing Bowl

Singing bowls (Tibetan bowls) — a type of bell, traditionally made of an alloy of 7 metals. The sound rich in overtones appears from the vibration of the walls of the bowls when touching a special stick or mallet. Singing bowls were used in Asia as part of the bon and tantric Buddhist religious traditions. Today, singing bowls are actively used as a tool for meditation and relaxation.

The Sound of Rain

The rain noise is an ethnic native American instrument that produces sounds similar to rain sounds. Central American people used it during ceremonies in the droughts. Today it is used during meditation as an element of relaxation and to create relaxing music. When making a musical instrument, bamboo and other natural materials are used.

The Sound of the Creek

An intuitive musical instrument. Thanks to a secret manufacturing technology, it emits noise sounds that resemble drops or streams of water. Playing on the noise of the stream leads to a state of calm, relaxation and harmony. The easy-to-use tool will appeal to people of any age and fill your home with a pleasant magical murmur!

The Sound of the Ocean

This amazing musical instrument has a wide range of applications. Just imagine, when you touch it, you will feel the relaxing sound of waves that touch the shore and your feet, and if you increase the speed of its rotation, you can hear a real waterfall or storm.
It is also used as a drum, hitting the stretched skin with your hands, and as a shaker.

Tingshi (karatalas)

Tingshi (karatala) – made by masters of Tibet, as well as singing bowls. Masters observe the ancient formula of many centuries, which is passed on to the next generation. Buddhist monks use the sound of tingshi in ceremonies and prayers.

Later, and in Western countries, it was noticed that the sound produced by tingshi helps to make the mind clear, relax, clear the negative and attract positive energy.

When in contact with each other, the tingshi is aware of a thick, high, clear tone and a unique long chime.

Today, tingshi is combined with singing bowls and other instruments in meditation, yoga, music, and sound healing.
Tingshi come in different sizes and differ in their sound.

African rattles

Percussion-noise musical instrument, the main sounding material of which is the dried seeds of African trees. By adjusting the intensity and speed of the game, you can create the effect of a pleasant relaxing rustle or purifying noise of a waterfall. Dry rattling sound of African rattle, reminiscent of the rituals of shamans and ancient tribes, perfectly neutralizes negative stagnant energy in the room, cleanses emotions and consciousness, giving a sense of calm.

The therapeutic effect of rattle sounds is complemented by the pleasant tactile sensations of natural materials. This wonderful, intuitive means of self-healing and relaxation will please adults and children. Rattles are on a wooden or wicker handle, as well as in the form of sounding bracelets on the arm or leg.